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Nosouj has been in the making over an entire lifetime and was born out of a love for free-spirited living by Basma Abdul Hadi in 2015. From a very young age, Basma gravitated towards traditional handicrafts in response to her love for authentic design and a deep respect for Mother Earth. Guided by her natural instincts, Basma found her design calling in the space where artisana and luxury come together seamlessly

In touch with the world around her, Basma is a nomad at heart. She dreams with her eyes wide open, scouring Eastern villages in Turkey, Jordan and beyond for ethically sourced, original handicraft techniques. Collaborating with small business owners and weavers on her creations .... READ MORE

Sustainable Luxury

NOSOUJ, the Arabic word for hand weaving.


The Brand

At its heart, Nosouj is a sustainable luxury brand founded on respect for nature and modern design, bridging the gap between style and social responsibility. Just as the fibers are weaved to create the ancient dokuma fabric, the principles of environmental consciousness and luxury design come together to create Nosouj.

Nosouj brings to life not authentic designs and supports small communities by creating job opportunities for sustainable living, breathing new life into ancient techniques with modern design.

Preserving heritage with an exclusively handmade process, an integral part of the Nosouj message is the inherent belief that the future of fashion is a place where design and respect for Mother Earth meet.

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